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Maps Content Plugin Pack with lightbox support. Fully responsive and mobile friendly

Google Maps Plugins Pack for Joomla!® website that lets you embed google maps or insert lightbox links. Fully responsive and mobile friendly with editor's buttons.


Place your maps wherever you want. Inline or lightbox button/link with map inside. All you have to do is to click the editor button to embed map.

You can use links also:

  My custom LINK >>

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  • Responsive
  • Mobile friendly,
  • Ultra light -lightbox lib (lity.js),
  • Inline and lightbox maps,
  • Multiple instances on page,
  • Easy to use with query support,
  • No need to copy url.
and more...

Basic settings screenshots:
View the embedded image gallery online at:
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Check this demo out on your mobile device

QR maps embedder

Free Download -April 12 2016 14:18:37.
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