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Media Content Plugin Pack - Video and Audio Embeder. Fully responsive and mobile friendly

Media Plugins Pack for Joomla!® website that lets you embed video and audio players or insert lightbox link. Fully responsive and mobile friendly with editor's buttons.

Place your media player wherever you want. You can set this as an inline player or lightbox button/link with player inside. While editing an article, all you have to do is to click the editor button to embed video or audio.

Ready for different video platforms:

Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Myvideo, Dotsub, Funnyordie, Liveleak, Stupidvideos, Traileraddict, and self hosted mp4.


Youtube - 40% width + float left + text align

Responsive design and fully responsive.

Links examples:

Funnyordie Video Link. CLICK ME! >>

Self hosted MP4. CLICK ME! >>


Facebook - 100% width demo


Vimeo video - 50% width demo

While editing an article, all you have to do is to click the editor button to embed a video or audio. Players are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

REMEMBER! Videos can only be embedded if the owner allows this.

E.g. in youtube or facebook user can choose to lock the video so it cannot be embedded.

Similar rules apply to all other video platforms. Below you can see the audio player examples.





  • Inline audio players,
  • Inline and lightbox links video players,
  • 10 video platform support,
  • Easy embeddind and linking with editor's buttons,
  • Modern browsers compatability,
  • Ultra light lightbox library,
  • Responsive and mobile friendly,
  • Multiple instances on page,
and more...
Settings screenshots:
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Check this demo out on your mobile device.

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